Monday, July 13, 2009

weekend round-up

this weekend i took advantage of my free schedule (no guests, no trips up north, no real plans) to check out some places i've been dying to get to this summer. I went with my roommates to the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene where i found so great vintage stuff, including a cute little wooden box we're now using as a napkin holder. There was also some great new artsy stuff and fresh food goodies there too. it was a lot of fun, now i want to check out the one on sundays under the brooklyn bridge.

later in the day we made our way to the newly opened High Line Park, and while it was beautiful, i have to say, i've never before had to wait in line to get into a park, though it was worth it, despite the fact that the weather turned for the worse once we got up there. 

on sunday I got to try one of these AMAZING homemade juices from a lady in our neighborhood. The colors and the jars are soooo awesome-looks like something out of a magazine- love it!

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